PRESTO CPR Carpentry-Painting-Roofing

September 22, 28 of 2021 drone and ground, high definition videos and photos to produce a 3'39" video for website. All in Final Cut Pro

Drone work in Boston, Tampa

Most of our work has been drone videos or photos for websites.
Real Esate photos and roof inspections as well.

Monaco-Johnson client for 26 years

Waterfront Property third floor rebuild along with other renovations.
All videso-photos for their Website use.

Mar-Marina in Tarpon Springs FL

Dimitris Creative-CreativeModus designed the
Mar-Marina website.
Along with other elements a drone view.

Safety Harbor Chamber

Designing a website for the Chamber.
Drone use to enhance the website.


For a year and a half using a drone, and ground photography
Real Esate photos and roof inspections as well.

PRESTO CPR Company renovations

Seawall inspection for this waterfront home in Beverly MA